Boulder Bridge Now Open

On February 4, Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Jr, District 4 Councilman Blake Ewing, Brady Arts District Business Association President Bob Fleischman and other dignitaries presided over a ribbon cutting ceremony officially opening the Boulder Bridge.  The bridge spans the downtown railroad tracks and connects First Street and Archer Street, creating a gateway to the heart of the Brady Arts District.


Cain's Ballroom Listed in CNN's "10 Fabulous U.S. Music Venues"

The Brady Arts District is excited to see Cain’s Ballroom listed among CNN GO’s “10 fbulous U.S. music venues”:

In what has to be one of the most incongruous pairings of band and venue, the Sex Pistols played the historic Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa in 1978 on one of only seven stops on their U.S. tour.

To this day, a framed piece of drywall Sid Vicious ostensibly punched a hole through commemorates the historic gig at the even more historic venue.


Cain's — Still Western Swinging

Tulsa People spotlights Cain’s and the western swing tradition that still lives on in the famous ballroom:

“The ghosts in the rafters must be smiling.”

Now, I am not necessarily suggesting that Cain’s Ballroom is haunted. But this venerable Tulsa landmark, with its life-sized photos of famous country music stars and Cain’s-related figures looking down every few feet from its walls; its dance floor that’s seen more than its share of two-stepping and two-timing dancers; and its 4-foot, five-pointed red neon star above that dance floor, reeks of nostalgia.


Brady Boom: What's Coming

Tulsa People followed its previous article with an overview of things to come:


The Hardesty Arts Center
101 E. Archer St.


Brady Boom: The Art of Collabroration

Tulsa People recognizes The Brady Arts District’s growth, starting with the beginning of the revitalization in the late 90′s and early 2000′s.

Artists are known for their ability to see beauty where others see unsightliness. To see possibilities where others see dead ends.

In the case of the Brady District, the consistent vision of a group of artists — and arts supporters — is reaping significant benefits.


On the Verge

Good press continues this month for The Brady Arts District and Downtown Tulsa as a whole. Oklahoma Magazine reports on the tremendous growth downtown is currently experiencing.


Brady Boom

The first in a series of posts from Tulsa People, Brady Boom gives a look into the explosive growth of The Brady District.

Just a decade or so ago, Tulsa’s downtown Brady District was really showing its age. Littered with a few too many shuttered buildings, weed-infested empty lots and the rusting hulks of obsolete factories and vacant warehouses, the general appearance of the district, at least to the casual observer, was one of decay and decline.


Cain's 15th in World's Club Venues For Ticket Sales

Wow! Look what the Tulsa World’s The Scene has to say about Cain’s Ballroom. 15th in the world for ticket sales! Fantastic.

Tulsa’s own Cain’s Ballroom ranks No. 15 globally in club venue ticket sales for the first quarter of 2012, reports industry tracker Pollstar Pro.

Venue owners have sold a reported 25,868 tickets so far this year. The ranking beats its highest yet, No. 22 in mid-year of 2011 for venues under 3,000 capacity.

The 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., ranked highest club sales so far this year with 66,773 tickets sold.


Councilors Consider Moratorium on Downtown Parking Lots

Channel 2 works for you reports on a proposed temporary moratorium on the construction of additional parking lots downtown until the city’s parking plan has been finalized:

TULSA – A moratorium on Tulsa’s Downtown building demolition was a major topic among city council members Thursday.

District 4 City Councilor Blake Ewing stood in favor of the moratorium, saying the city’s landscape was too important to deplete.


Brady District's North Parking Garage Opens to Public

News on 6 reports about a downtown parking facility opening its gates for usage by Brady Arts District patrons!

TULSA, Oklahoma -

If you’re heading downtown this weekend, your search for parking might be less stressful.

The North Parking Garage is now open for business to anyone after 5 p.m.

It’s just north of the BOK Tower on Main Street between First and Archer Streets.

Parking spots in the Brady Arts District are prime real estate, and if you’ve been downtown recently, you’ve probably noticed: Finding a place to park is a bit of a headache.