Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Collaboration Breakfast for Community Partners of Entrepreneurship
8:00 AM
1 Million Cups
9:00 AM
John Mellencamp Exhibit & VR Dust Bowl Experience
10:00 AM
The Conciliation Series (January Installment Opening) Artwork by Elizabeth Henley & Nicole Donis
11:00 AM
Time for What Matters
11:30 AM
Northeastern Oklahoma Wood Turners Association 
12:00 PM
Cultural Fronteriza + The EXPERIENCE
12:00 PM
Open Web Application Security Project: Tulsa Chapter
12:00 PM
Gray Matters by Todd Sparks
12:00 PM
Hello, Penumbra: A Tulsa Artist Fellowship and Living Arts’ Curatorial Partnership
12:00 PM
Local Wednesday
4:00 PM
Jason Wilson, ‘Hardline’
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
Shots & Shots
5:30 PM
Welltown Trivia Night
7:00 PM
Speaking Of Which A Spoken Word Open Mic
8:00 PM