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The Downtown Trolley has been serving visitors and residents on its weekend trips through Downtown since September 2015. Downtown Trolley is funded by the Downtown Coordinating Council and was started as a joint venture of the various Downtown Districts, individual business owners and corporate sponsors and the City of Tulsa. Please express your appreciation to our sponsors. 

Downtown Trolley is a favorite for visitors and residents alike. Downtown Trolley  passengers are able to travel safely to and from destinations while visiting the Downtown entertainment Districts. Downtown Trolley  operates on an established route Friday and Saturday evenings from 5 pm until 2 am. The route extends from the Tulsa Arts District to the BOK Center, to Deco District and Blue Dome District. 

Downtown Trolley is operated by Tulsa Transit and can be tracked on their app available at tulsatransit.org. 

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Would you like to be a sponsor of Downtown Trolley?

Why should your business sponsor Downtown Trolley?

With the growing popularity of Tulsa's Downtown revitalization, public transportation has become necessary. As with any major city, public transportation promotes sustainability and provides a safer environment for pedestrians. In addition to environmental and safety issues, it supports local businesses. The local downtown shops, clubs and restaurants have seen a boost in sales and customers are excited to be part of the Trolley experience.

By sponsoring Downtown Trolley, your business actively supports the revitalization of Downtown Tulsa and helps lay the groundwork for a more sustainable community.

How can you support Downtown Trolley?

Contributions of any size are appreciated. The Corporate Sponsorship is available at the level of $5,000. This sponsorship includes listing on all advertising materials, postcards and the website. 

To alert us to your interest in becoming a sponsor of Downtown Trolley , please Contact Us.